Kolkata Streets Soon to be Thronged with E-Rickshaws

It seems that the electronic rickshaws are soon going to cram the streets of Kolkata very soon especially after the massive growth in popularity of such rickshaws in no time. Dianzi Rickshaws and Toto Rickshaws are two companies which are carrying out large scale manufacturing of these e-rickshaws. About 150 to 200 of their products are already running on the city roads for trial and demonstration purposes. People from all over the state are instantly fascinated by the performance and efficiency of this innovative vehicle which are yet to start their commercial operation in the state. Lot of people are buying these vehicles as well to take advantage of the present competition less market.

These e-rickshaws are powered by 48 W batteries which facilitate the soundless functioning of the engine. After a single charge, which requires about 7 hours, the rickshaw can run a distance of about 120 kms at up to 25 kmph speed. These statistics are way better than the traditional ones. If the cost for a similar performance in a LPG run rickshaw is estimated, it stands at around Rs 200. The 48 W batteries on the other hand, consume about 3 units of electricity for a single charge which costs only about Rs 20. In this way, the battery run e-rickshaws appear to be ten times more efficient than the traditional ones leading to its mass appeal. These rickshaws can carry 4 to 5 passengers at a time and there are cargo models as well. The engines don’t produce even a bit of smoke, thereby making it completely environmental friendly. According to the manufacturing companies, three different models of these e-rickshaws cost in the range of about 80,000 to 125,000 which is a very affordable price as compared to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Kolkata Rikshaw

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