Kolkata’s First Sculpture Garden is Now Close to Reality

Kolkata is soon going to have its first sculpture garden which will display various types of sculptures made by large number of talented artists from various parts of the country. These gardens are going to be a kind of museum where some of the priceless human artefacts ever made will be exhibited in the famous cities for the convenience of the city dwellers in taking a closer view. This sculpture garden will be built at Eco Park in Rajarhat, in the Butterfly Park to be very precise. The architectural sketch will be produced very soon as per the suggestions regarding the design of the garden by Suvaprasanna, the painter and also the chairman of West Bengal Heritage Commission.

The Sculpture Garden will depict the distinctive features of Indian culture and traditions. Innumerable young talents from various places are going to make sculptures for this Garden which are at best going to present the Indian artwork as it was during the various historical periods. This project is being nurtured by the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation of West Bengal (HIDCO) and they have already carried out a sculpture workshop last year for this purpose. Many sculptors participated in the workshop and some amazing creativity was manifested in their artwork, thereby increasing the chances of setting up of a sculpture garden in Kolkata.

Eco Park Kolkata

The image above was taken from Flickr Sourav Mondal.

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